Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spanking through to hell

Wailing louder
Rocketing and banked
Thunder low and distant.
Clasped to my rib cage
Thrumming steadily
A four-chamber pumps
While a four-pot burbles.
Harder, faster, on edge
I spank this bitch
Through to hell.
Lower and lower till leg
And land caress.
Fumbling lovers ashamed
At the oneness.
A foxy, feisty unwilling beast.
Tamed and subservient beneath me.
Fight me, bitch, and thrash you I will.
“Spite me, you shit, and your
Blood I will spill.”
A hazy horizon beckons afar,
Spanking through to hell.
Miles despatched forever
Behind me.
Crests and curves taken in sinful delight
A pure indulgence, a pious pleasure…
Rearing her head and wiggling her bottom,
In titillation.
Steamy and panting, rancid and sour,
My carbon and steel steed poised to deliver,
A slave to my command.
Hot and bothered, her rubber stretched
And anchors creamed.
Begging for a pause.
A lightened heart and gleaming skin,
We pause for refreshment,
And indulgence of sin.
A smell, a caress, a squeeze so tender,
I’ll want her, and have her, forever.
Mounted again and wailing once more,
Rocky mountains beckon.
Wide open and lustily
I spank her through to hell…

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