Friday, June 02, 2006

the lame lover's lament

singer singer song writer,
catch a butterfly, fly-fighter,
loop u up and loop u down,
ease the frown upon thy crown.
kiss and try and kiss and cry.
kiss me not and leave me dry.
thence once gone and ground,
the coffee's ground and the bean's not around.
fill up well and crush the space
grace the place with your face,
live it, love it, acknowledge it not,
what u love u haven't got.
weep, bleed, sigh and scream,
a lover lost...
just another bad dream.
sugar sulphur beer and lice,
I like 'em all with my rice,
treated well and kissed and cared,
the hallowed whore I once did spare,
from lust and grease I once did glean,
sifted through my heartless being,
a loving prospect chewed and spat,
out! out! you're much too fat.

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