Friday, June 02, 2006

The protracted purple pickle prolapse

fenced and wound,
turned around,
little she knew
less she cared
a worthless life
must not be spared!
bound and gagged and tied to a tree
arms a-pinioned .
he watched her as he mounted the slide,
watched her as she swooned and cried,
a condemned man must wrongly die,
vultures feed on his once-loved hide.
a bag was proffered and a question asked.
"I must kiss her, for her pain must last"
wept did she as she held him near.
carried off and held in sight,
she watched the door drop
and watched him die.
he writhed once, a knot in his neck,
and she watched him die.
his bladder let, and she watched him die
the rope twisted, and she watched him die.
she watched him die...

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Avanti Sané said...

Fatty...these poems make me sad...lets have a happy/funny post. What say? :)