Monday, July 17, 2006

Friction fission

Bursting forth through the gloom
A ravaged dusty wreck.
Held in check the pain and gore
A resilience and patience
Needed no more.
A hapless people tortured and tamed
Taunted repeatedly by tormentors,
Gather up the pieces.
Swept under the carpet by spineless
Scum, selected, elected and revered
By the same helpless diaspora.
Who is to blame?
Singularly not doth Mumbai bleed,
No loss of culture, no one to mourn,
Nothing to weep.
Humanity culled by humans
A cross borne with grief.
A thirst for life at any cost
Reviled and tainted,
Not treasured and spared.
Who are we to care?
Let fire and rhetoric dominate us,
Us, humanity, a cudgel and a curse.
Crushing skulls we did not create.
An illicit lust condoned and perpetrated
By he and she and us and them,
Wielded torch for mankind to burn,
Against a fellow human.
Madness created by fanatics galore,
The lamb to the slaughter are willingly drawn.
The butcher in us chortles with glee.
Hacked at dawn or slowly bled,
A seeping loss of life propagates unchecked.
Mythical monsters turned frighteningly real,
Not a dry eye in the house,
A red mist dominates.
Justice dead, she but a common whore,
Spat on and fucked conditionally by all.
Grit not you your teeth,
You, yes you, you flaccid human,
No god nor man can ever spare
Forgive, forget or ever repair,
Thus life corrupted and trashed.
A dawn to burn not by the sun,
But by pyre of bodies smouldering in the gloom.
Common carrion are you,
Fed off your children, as they feed of you.
Suckled not at the teat
The mother willingly treats,
But at the mantle of hate
Created by men of detestable tastes.
A mind filled with fear, a taste for blood
Would only satiate but a fleeting thirst.
The momentum once made will run away with thee.
Fissile but fleeting,
Snuffed out will we all be?
Not by your god, or yours, or a crashing meteorite,
Crushed into nothingness
By man. But man. Only man.
To burn in hell for eternity,
This hell we created, which we daily feed.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


A feeling now so alien yet tender,
A drop of water
On skin famished and throat dry.
Falling gently from the heavens
For every tree and creature.
Free yet rare, like true love,
Nurturing from the mother,
And tender caresses.
Soft, clear, bright and clean.
Seeping through soil and blooming
Flowers and smiles from me.
But she paused and sighed
Clouded mind and cataract eyes
Failed to see the blinding spark.
Wrinkled skin and petrified nose
Failed to smell this bounteous earth
So full of promise.
Dark and gray mattered not
Blind was she, conscious only of the rot.
Rot that gnawed and bored
Caused her to hate her spawn
Sprouted from her womb.
Years ago, when thunder beckoned
She surrendered to a man
Who seeded her womb.
The worthless offspring
She had come to hate,
Revile him for his waywardness
And fickle heart.
So like his father, arrogant and gorgeous.
She felt the drops on her face
Like rain…
Raindrop and teardrop merged,
In silent tribute to her pain.
The dead of night beckoned.
The dawn of hope long gone.
She awoke no more to bright sky
And sprouting earth,
Wombs seeded helplessly in the night.