Monday, March 22, 2010


Does Pathos inspire or conspire?

Is Time enough?

Does Guilt wane?

Does Hurt fade?

Is Forgiveness real?

Is Love everlasting?

Are Pain and Longing the same?

She, The Sacred Feminine


it needn't have been this way. it needn't have. oh, you fool.
the loss and longing
the courage and the cripple

the human male is but a drone. the progenitor of life, the maker of the home, the tender to the hearth and heart is Woman. and when you find her, cherish. relish her. love her. respect her. want her and make her feel wanted.

you, Man, exist but to be Hers. It is She who gives you worth. And meaning.

The Night of the Living Dead

the knot was tight
it closed around me
the emptiness

the crime, grave
the penalty, harsh

spoken in a moment
contemplated over time

the sentence was swift
the plea, over-ruled

the cell was cold
questions of heart and head
made no sense

the heart seemed alive
the head, dead

the dawn was slow
there weren't any pieces to pick up

the water was tepid
the shower, rapid

contemplation with the car keys...
u-turns made
and made again

the aimless drive
early morning sunlight

the door opened
She knew...

clasped to Her bosom
my tears seemed to flow

She wouldn't cry
She couldn't
She had to be strong

that tenderness was so poignant
it hurt even more...

i left
living, but felt dead.
From a million miles away
Like a waking hand
The touch of a sun's ray
A flower understands
Like a smile it opens wide
Blowin' rainbow kisses
To the skies...

- Sudheer


in between heartache and a kiss,
maybe there lies love, beauty, peace, truth...
for ours to find, ever