Thursday, December 04, 2008

Indians for India - A five-point agenda

Screw five-year plans.

This is what we need:

1. A uniform civil code. Scrap reservations. All are equal under law. No more religious processions through the streets.

2. Compulsory conscription and basic training for all for one year, to be served between the ages of 18 and 21.

3. Constructive opposition in Parliament. The Opposition should exist to question what action the ruling party has taken on its election manifesto and promises. A quarterly 'report card' to be circulated to the press - regional, national and vernacular.

4. A more active judiciary, which will be ruthless with the Babu-Neta lot. CORRUPTION = TREASON and punishable by DEATH.

5. Operational autonomy to the armed forces, which includes paramilitary and police, BSF, Coast Guard etc. Chiefs of staff to meet regularly. National Security Advisers and Defence Minister to compulsorily be ex-armed forces, of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent.