Monday, November 20, 2006


There I sat on the grass
The wind rippled the lake
A bee buzzed around me
Dunno if I was awake.
I snoozed there awhile
My dreams floated free
Up and over the mountains
Till I was wrapped up in me.
Flying high I flew well over
However high I’d flown before
Looking down I thought of you
And how insignificant you seem
An invisible speck on the ground
As I winged on around.
Flitting from flower to flower
Sipping their nectar at will
A renegade bee one moment
A diving falcon will kill
Buzzed by the thrill
Of escaping
The bee wants to do more
Fly higher and higher
Higher than the falcon, no more.
To swoop low and kill
To slake the thirst at will
She helpless as I ravage her
Drop her over the hill.
Wasted and wanted no more
The flies have their way with her
The flyer in me keeps flying…
Droning on and on
I awaken to the sound of thunder
Of black clouds and thundering winds
I think of your warm bosom
And long to nuzzle my face.
The falcon will fly again tomorrow
But for now it must perch
Content in the knowledge of love
That’s mine; no need to search.


Coffee said...

morose and grey yet fringed with a sliver of hope .

mysticarni said...

chauvinist yet vulnerable ... sweet blend that melts well together!