Saturday, September 02, 2006

Spin Wind

Greased and geared up, you rev to go,
Wild rides and stormy moments
Cherished fleetingly.
Moments recalled, but the people forgotten,
Hardened are you with a heart so tender,
Anguish writ large you stumble and drown,
Pulled under by vice you embrace.
Honey eyes are cloudy and stark,
Seeing nothing but searching afar,
Maybe a soul, a friend you will find,
Maybe nothingness lies ahead and behind.
Into this nothingness you rush,
Rush, wildly like a delirious child,
Cast adrift in the sea of life,
No anchor, no sail, or spar to guide.
Petty flotsam are you, prodded and probed.
A stranger’s kiss felt true and warm,
Horror once more….
Your little boat weathers another storm,
But leaky underneath and corroded,
You flounder and shudder.
The stranger’s kiss a weak memory now,
You wish you’d anchored.
Too late it might be, for your time is scarce,
Stifled and strangled you break the surface once more…
Bob along, Marika, but glance behind,
With mainsails billowing the frigate stands tall.
Come in, my little boat,
It seems to say, beckoning closer.
You turn and flee…
Running away, away into the blue beyond….
When all is sunk and none remains,
The fog’s lifted, your little boat’s gone.
The frigate turns, in a deadwind love,
Sickened with anguish the sails all flop.
Flop to the deck which should have been your rightful place,
Claim it not did you, Marika, for all your beauty and grace.
Roiling waters churn and spit the remnants to the surface…
My little mermaid, alone on the rocks, carved of stone.
In silent testimony to a hope lost.

1 comment:

Pleiades said...

I love *your* blog.

Rightful places
are what we eventually find,
where we eventually end.
Wise, old, spent.