Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now what?

Stop and look at me now…
See where you’re going
Why’d you stop running?
Why’d you start?

There’s that look
The one at which I melt
You hold the power still
To make me cry
And then you ask me why
Like you don’t know how

You smell the same
You still have that walk
You still stand close
You let my hand brush your ass
Your nails are still the same

When you sip your drink
Your big eyes over the rim…
I look at the lipstick marks
When you set it down

And then you know what I’m thinking
Why’re you with him?
Did I push you away?
I still miss your ass, by the way
And not just in bed

Was we too hot to be?
When did us stop needing we?
Livin’ in each other’s pocket
It worked best that way

Burgers and fries on my bike
Walks in the evening
The swimming pool at night
Coffee later, with you on my lap
My hand on your ass…

Your sing-song voice
Biscuits and tarts at the bakery
Little baby-doll dresses
And tea on the lawn

It terrifies me to think
I let you go
Someone I love so much…
Am I The Fink?

Those fingers again
THAT nose…
But I learnt to live
Without those

A sip for courage
Two to reminisce
Three, and we’ll kiss
You’re the girl
Who should’ve been my missus

I’m lost now
I have nothing much left to offer
Maybe you miss me too
What do I long for?
For you?
For your lovin’ ?
Or for the chance to love you?

I still want you
I’d take you any chance
I got
But would it stop you asking
Now what?

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