Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Why don’t you see?
Why won’t you?
You can, can’t you?

Whether it’s you and me
Or not
We all have a price
Some paid grudgingly, some willingly
Some bought, some sold
Some rusty, some gold

And then we feel
Our senses clouded
But do we feel when free?

What do we feel when free?
Do we feel free?

I have felt trust
I have felt lust
Sometimes I want to be evil
Sometimes cruel
Sometimes I just want to hold her
But is it she?

Am I hers?
Is she mine?

My mother calls
She asks me what I want

My friends call
Let’s do this and that
Let’s do it all

My woman sighs
She was given to me that night
I could see her fright
Her eyes white…
I felt her tears as she cried

But then I must go
I don’t know

I earn a wage
But I’m confined to this cage
Is it me?

Is it me?
Am I free?
Was it or was it not to be?

Who wrote this prophecy?
Who wrote my destiny?
Is it mine?
Do I belong?
What of free will?

I want to eat
I want to read
I want to sleep
I want to be free…

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