Saturday, July 12, 2008

I want anarchy

I who have lived

And so borne the right of passage to be here

To revolt even,

For I care not what they say

I care not what you think.

It is true

The lies are true…

Come now into the light,

Stand up and be counted,

Claim your worth

Weigh yourself in measures of truth.

Sucked have we been,

Fucked over repeatedly.

Enough is enough

I want anarchy…

I want to hold their heads

Stroke their offspring…

I want to experiment

With knife and bullet and syringe and tea

Even fire, and water, and ropes from a tree.

A killing of beings

I hate totally.

I want anarchy.

Them a fungus

A cancer

A virus

A flea

Sucking blood from you and me.

Them a disease.

Screw the lot.

Beat them burn them skewer them grille them

Relish the meat with me.


Join in my anarchy

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