Monday, April 21, 2008


Danica Patrick’s won her first race. Wow! A chick won a major open-wheeled race. I for one, think it makes for a great story. I’m not sexist, and I detest rabid feminism, but at the same time I have no qualms about a woman driving a racecar. In fact, I’d love to date a female racing driver.
Everybody’s got their fantasies, right? Nurse, biker chick, teacher, coffee shop lady…the list goes on. But give this a thought – hot lady race car driver.
I mean, she could colour-coordinate her underwear. Would make life super easy for me.
Yellow, for example: careful hunny, I’m gonna start chumming soon.
Red: stop!
Green: go for it
Black: you’ve been out drinking with your buddies. No oil change for you tonight, boy.
White: go real slow…mmmm....take your time…
Red and yellow candy stripes: bring out the oil bottle. Oil on curves. Yes yes!
Chequered: last night was amazing!
The worst of course, would be a blue. Move over, chump, and make way for somebody else. Wonder if that’s how the phrase ‘feeling blue’ came about….?


EquiVocal said...

Really HARMAAN! U do have a very interesting perspective here. I wouldn't know about women racing drivers, but I'll tell u how certain women convey their sex mood.
Observe the obvious honey, the material of the lingerie.
LACE: I'm in a playful mood tonight.
SATIN: Lets do it smooth,baby.
COTTON: Obviously not in the mood for it.
ALL BARE: Where have u been dumbfuck? I've been waiting too long.

Sue said...

Hullo. Hopped over from Avanti's.

Had to comment, if only to say, thanks for a very interesting idea! I'm way too lazy to ever remember the code, but it makes for a cool story.