Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday funday

Staggering. Wealth, not necessarily money, has many tangible forms, but not so many units. There are some forms of wealth you can't measure, but you can experience. Wealth of time, for example, which would not imply a surfeit, but instead a quantum of time which allows us to enjoy and sample an experience to its fullest. A meal with family, say, or sex with the woman you love. While big macs and quickies in an airplane loo might retain convenience and excitement, the satisfaction is short-lived.
I thought back to a Sunday not long ago. Went dancing Saturday night, and returned home exhausted and not a little drunk. Sweat, perfume and cigarettes were the aromas which i recognised when I awoke. She stirred too, in that leisurely manner which implied I'd have to make the morning tea.
She was naked, and it was a warm morning, yet I smirked at her modesty as she sat up with the sheet around her throat. I fetched the papers, and we leafed through them, her head on my shoulder. She reads slower than I do, and hasn't learned the art of the cursory scan, which meant that I soon found I had time to kill while I waited patiently for her to turn the page. I absently fondled her breast. She purred and snuggled closer, her smooth thighs languidly stroking mine. I felt her nipple go firm. Dropping the paper, I lifted her onto my chest for a closer reach to her bum. We smooched, and I say smooched, not kissed, because it was one of those early morning kisses which are sloppy yet sexy, and I could taste the vodka on her breath. It was high noon when we were done, and for the first time in a long long time I found myself whistling in the shower. She followed me in, boldly naked, and we had a romp again. Three times in three hours. I was spent. And here she was purring like a contented kitten as I did things which otherwise elicited a grunt and limp shove as she sought to desist.
Lunch was a big meal of tossed salad with fresh home-made mayo and ready to fry cutlets, plus lots of bread and cheese and boiled eggs. I cooked of course, but she made the coffee. We sat on the porch in the late afternoon sun, strolled with the dogs till sundown and then sat with a crisp wine and chatted about our lives.
Time passed, not just that evening, and we're no longer together, but in that Sunday I learned the value of the wealth of time well spent.

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